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Powering connections for over 60 years

Our market-level expertise makes for the best customer experience.

  • Focused on customized wire and cable solutions
  • Market-specific organizational alignment
  • Salespeople with in-depth industry knowledge
  • Thought leaders on staff
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How Paige gives the utilities industry more

By combining innovative wire and cable solutions with a service-focused approach, Paige has become the go-to provider for application-driven products.

  • Responsive customer service and support through every step of your project
  • High-quality products that stand up to the competition
  • Faster lead times and same-day shipments so you don't have to adjust your timeline
  • Stock inventory capabilities, so even if you're doing most of your business with another vendor, we can provide the backup supply

We offer a full range of products made for traditional utility applications

Overhead Bare Aluminum and ACSR Distribution and Transmission Conductors

  • All Aluminum 1350 Conductor
  • Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced
  • 6201 Alloy Bare Aluminum
  • AAC
  • AAAC
  • Guy Wire / Static Wire
  • Aluminum Clad Steel

Power, Control and Instrumentation Cables

  • MV-90 & MV-105 TR-XLPE or EPR Insulation
  • TC or TC-ER Unarmored Power and Control
  • Cable
  • THHN, XHHW-2, FREP, with PVC, CPE or CSPE Jacket
  • Thermocouple Cables
  • Instrumentation Cables
  • Meter Cables

Primary and Secondary Underground (URD) Cables

  • 600V Secondary URD
  • 15kV – 35kV Aluminum & Copper Conductors
  • EPR or TR-XLPE Insulation

Overhead and Secondary Service Drop Cables

  • Duplex Overhead
  • Triplex Overhead
  • Quadruplex Overhead
  • Duplex Service Drop Cable (600V)
  • Triplex Service Drop Cable
  • Quadruplex Service Drop-Aluminum Conductor

Bare and Insulated Conductors

  • RHH/RHW-2 USE-2
  • XHHW-2
  • Three Conductor SER
  • Bare Copper
  • Weatherproof Copper or Aluminum Conductor

Grounding Products

  • Ground Rod Accessories
  • Ground Rods
Paige Renewable Energy

We know renewables, too.

Paige offers expert value-added engineering and project design services, a comprehensive suite of solar and wind products, and full project support services, including prefabrication and kitting, to help simplify your install.

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